Ranks Update
Posted on May 6, 2020 | 00:20
Hello, today we are add some update for “Ranks title”

Now for the “Ranks 1 (text)” will be requirements like the image below

For those who with old version just dowload update patch, extract the rar file and copy to folder Hell MU and replace the old files. Join game and press “F9”

Download :


By Adramelech (Administrator)
Reset Race Event !!!!
Posted on April 19, 2020 | 07:45

Hello everyone
Occasion server grand opening we bring to all of you Reset Race Event

Time: Since the server opened untill 15 May
Top 1: 1 Set Full Socket 5 (Your choise) + Wing Angel and Devil + Golden Fenrir
Top 2: 1 Set Full Socket 4 (Your choise) + Wing 3 + Golden Fenrir
Top 3: 1 Set GL (Your choise) + Golden Fenrir

Hola a todos
Gran ocasión del servidor de apertura que traemos a todos ustedes.

Hora: desde que se abrió el servidor hasta el 15 de mayo
Top 1: 1 Set Full Socket 5 (Su elección) + Wing Angel and Devil + Golden Fenrir
Top 2: 1 Set Full Socket 4 (Su elección) + Wing 3 + Golden Fenrir
Top 3: 1 Set GL (Su elección) + Golden Fenrir

By Adramelech (Administrator)
HellMu Server is Open
Posted on April 13, 2020 | 12:07
Hola el servidor se encuentra activo se les da la bienvenida a los nuevos jugadores

Hello the server is online now we give a welcome to the new players

By Adramelech (Administrator)
Grand re-opening !
Posted on April 12, 2020 | 18:01
Este Lunes 13 de Abril, Gran re apertura de HellMu.

Reinicio de rankings.
Items customs se agregarán.
La experiencia sera alta durante 7 días después de la apertura se elevar a 9000x la exp.
Bonos de puntos por reset en web durante 7 días.
Nuevos jugadores recibiran 5 joyas de poder cada uno, y una muun pet como regalo.

Estén atentos para mas información en las próximas horas.


This Monday April 13, Grand re-opening of HellMu.

Restart of rankings.
Customs items will be added.
The experience will be high for 7 days after the opening will rise to 9000x the exp.
Point bonuses for web reset for 7 days.
New players will receive 5 power jewels each, and a muun pet as a gift.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming hours.

GM -Belphegor

By Adramelech (Administrator)
Golden Ancient Sets
Posted on November 11, 2019 | 18:07
Golden Ancient Sets

By Adramelech (Administrator)
Server Info
Posted on October 25, 2019 | 20:04
+Version: Season 6 Episode 3

+Exp: x6500

+Drop: 90%

+MaxLevel: 400

+Max Statl: 65450

+Points per  lvl:  5/7

+Webshop/CashShop/Reset: Enabled

+Rebuilded PvP Balance 99%!

+Castle Siege: Enabled

+Muum Pets: Enabled

+Custom Items: Enabled

By Adramelech (Administrator)