Posted on on December 1, 2019 | 05:19

English Version:

Enabled reward per online hour in game every hour you past online you will get as reward: goblin point,pc point,wcoin,wcoinp

/warp stadium command enabled now all can go in stadium at lvl 50 ,spot for fast level added in different maps,alchemist working 100% chance to combine and get a full items+socket or ancient+full item

Enabled guild vault in loren market,all shops in loren market fixed,added more sets and custom wings loren market

Added spots for collect pc points in: stadium,aida 3,karutan 2.

Spanish Version:

Activada la recompensa por hora en juego cada 1 hora que esten online recibiran recompensa: goblin point,pc points, wcoin,wcoinp

/warp stadium comando agregado ahora todos pueden ir arena con level 50, spots agregados para leveliar rapido en diferentes mapas, alquimista funcionando 100% chance para crear items full+socket o ancient item

Habilitado el vault de guild en loren market,all shop de loren market arreglados,agregado de mas set y alas custom loren market

Spot agregados para juntar pc points en: stadium,aida 3,karutan 2

By Adramelech (Administrator)